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Tranquility - Ocean Jasper and Mother of Pearl

Tranquility - Ocean Jasper and Mother of Pearl

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When was the last time you took a few moments to yourself?  Do you find it hard to be able to just relax and let go of your built up emotions and go to a peaceful place in your mind?  This combination of ocean jasper and mother of pearl can assist you with finding your inner peace.

Ocean Jasper- Talisman of Patience

Helps you with releasing pent up anger and emotional blockages.  Encourages you to open your mind and gain new perspectives.  Enhances stability and security throughout your life while focusing on your unrealized potentials. 

Mother of Pearl- Bringer of Divine Wisdom

Considered a lucky talisman due to its ability to bring good fortune to the wearer.  Enhances initiation and stimulates your imagination by encouraging you to use your inner wisdom and access your personal power.  Guides you to effectively express yourself with enhanced communication skills. 

8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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