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Blue Tiger Eye Point

Blue Tiger Eye Point

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Blue Tigers Eye (Hawk’s Eye) helps you to dissolve negative emotional patterns and let go of stress. It encourages optimism and taking personal responsibility for yourself and the situations you create. Blue Tigers Eye is a calming stone that helps to cool quick tempers and the urge to over-react and blame others.  For highly sensitive people, Blue Tigers Eye can help create and maintain strong energetic boundaries so that other peoples’ emotions doesn’t impact you so strongly.  It can also help you to stay calm and focused in situations that might cause sensory-overload. Blue Tigers Eye is a great stone for clarity.  It helps you to see both the details and the “big picture” and to unify them into a cohesive whole.  It encourages you to think intelligently and to not believe everything you hear or see.

2 1/4”

1.8 oz

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