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Engineer your Path - Red Jasper, White Jade and Sodalite

Engineer your Path - Red Jasper, White Jade and Sodalite

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If there was a way to refine your mental capabilities, promote your intuition, and give you a boost of stamina and determination, would you pass it up?    Let this combination of Red Jasper, White Jade and Sodalite enhance the abilities you already have to engineer the life you’ve always wanted.  


Red Jasper - 

Stimulates your Chi (life force energy). Promotes passion.  Inspires energy, stamina and determination while stabilizing your emotions and balancing your energy.

White Jade -

Encourages you to be your authentic self while attracting good luck and new friendships.  Soothes your mind and releases negative thoughts.  Enhances insightful dreams.

Sodalite - 

Enhances your mental capabilities and assists you with evaluating your strengths and weaknesses.  Expands communication and interpretation while promoting intuition and truth.


 8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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