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Heart Charm

Heart Charm

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Tigers Eye- The All Seeing Eye

Increases insight and perception while sharpening the senses. Encourages you to “step out of the box” to enhance growth and perspective.  Attracts luck and good fortune while protecting you from the negative intentions of others.

Dragon Blood Jasper -

Grounds and enhances your energy throughout your body and aura. Promotes courage and inner strength.  Powerful manifestation enhancer.  Grounds your energy.

Unakite -

Stone of vision.  Helps to activate your third eye.  Helps to balance your emotions. Promotes harmony through understanding and tolerance.

Lapis Lazuli -

Promotes clarity, integrity and intuition.  Can help to fend off psychic attacks.  Helps you to confront and speak your truth while inspiring confidence and self appreciation.

Dalmatian Stone -

Raises confidence and helps you to pursue your goals while providing the tools you need.  Helps you to disconnect from negative energies that prohibit your growth.


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