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Level Up - Citrine, Carnelian and Satin Spar

Level Up - Citrine, Carnelian and Satin Spar

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Do you have trouble seeing the bright side of things?  Starting to believe that happiness is just out of your reach?  Then it’s time to see things from a new perspective.  Bring the sun back into your life.  Enhance your motivation, confidence and energy with this combination of citrine, satin spar and carnelian.

Citrine - Stone of Personal Will and Manifestation

Encourages you to awaken your imagination and creativity.  Inspires acceptance and excitement for fresh beginnings and trying new pursuits. Transmutes negative energy within yourself and your environment, while attracting love and happiness.  

Carnelian - 

Attracts good luck, new resources and wealth.  Promotes positive choices while stimulating creativity for new pursuits.  Boosts motivation, confidence,  endurance and improves concentration. Protects against rage, envy and resentment from both internal and external sources. 

Satin Spar - 

Extremely high vibrational stone that can release blocks and raise your vibration while helping you connect to your higher self.  Soothes the mind and brings inner clarity.  Can be used to charge other stones. 

8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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