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Rainbow Fluorite, Green Aventurine and Sodalite ~ Gaia ~

Rainbow Fluorite, Green Aventurine and Sodalite ~ Gaia ~

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Rainbow Fluorite -

Absorbs negative energy providing clarity and mental enhancement to balance your thoughts and ideas.  Aids you in decision making by helping you to discover yourself and what you truly want.

Green Aventurine -  

Known as the stone of opportunity or the luckiest stone.   Renews optimism for life and pushes you to take action in getting what you want.   Helping you to release old patterns, habits and behaviors.

Sodalite -

 Clears your mind and elicits deep thought.  Inspires insight and evaluation of your motivations, strengths and weaknesses.   Allowing you to stand up for yourself and verbalize your feelings.


8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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