About Us

Thank you for visiting StarNova.  Every purchase you make from my shop helps a shelter animal.  10% of all proceeds are donated directly to local shelters.


My name is Brianna.  I am a Master level Reiki Practitioner and Crystal healer. I’m also a pet mom to 3 dogs, Chiara, Kassie and Bentley and 3 cats, Coventina, Kalligenia and Bailey.  I created StarNova out of love to help animals and to share my passion for crystals and their healing properties.


My love for crystals and energy work began in 2019 when I hit a crossroads in my life.  I was depressed, burnt out and had no direction.  I knew I needed to make some changes but had no idea where to start.  It’s said that crystals find you and that’s exactly how it happened for me.  I was at a tattoo appointment and my artist told me how a friend gifted him black tourmaline to help with some negativity he had been experiencing and it completely changed his environment.  He started to notice negative people suddenly changing their mindset and becoming more positive the more time they spent at his station.  He also started noticing that whenever a person changed their mindset a piece of the tourmaline would break off.  (Some stones, especially black tourmaline, are said to break when taking an energetic hit for you).  His story fascinated me.  Stones that literally break apart with no direct contact?  Sounds like magic I’m in.  That night I started researching crystals I made a list of all the crystals that I thought could help me.  The next morning I went to my first crystal shop.  Pulled in the parking lot and realized I forgot my list.  Something told me to forget the list I wouldn’t need so I went in anyway.  While in the store it seemed like a few crystals caught my eye more than others so I got those and a few that I remembered from my list.  When I got home to research them and check my list I realized that a lot of the stones were the ones I wrote down the others were ones the aligned with the properties I was looking for from the stones.  After that I was hooked.


Thank you again for considering purchasing from my shop, I truly appreciate your business.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, requests or anything else.