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Animal Instincts - Yellow, Red and Blue Tigers Eye

Animal Instincts - Yellow, Red and Blue Tigers Eye

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Have you been feeling stuck and have no drive or motivation to get yourself out of your slump?  You need a boost but know that for anything to get you going it has to have an extra spicy kick to it?  This combination of Yellow, Red and Blue Tigers Eye can be the perfect jolt to jumpstart your determination and drive. 

Tigers Eye- The All Seeing Eye

Increases insight and perception while sharpening the senses. Encourages you to “step out of the box” to enhance growth and perspective.  Attracts luck and good fortune while protecting you from the negative intentions of others.

Hawk Eye- Stone of Protection from the Evil Eye

Encourages you to release fear and assists you with clearing blockages that are preventing you from achieving your goals.  Invites stability and inner calm into your life.  Enhances memory, mental agility, motivation, determination and will power. 

Red Tigers Eye-   Survival Stone

Promotes self-care and self-love.  Enhances passion, creativity, and motivation to complete your projects and goals. Helps you to quickly replenish your depleted energy reserves. 

8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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