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Red Jasper, Pyrite and Golden Obsidian ~ Artemis ~

Red Jasper, Pyrite and Golden Obsidian ~ Artemis ~

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Red Jasper -

Pushes you to grow into your true self and release everything no longer serving you.  Eliminating all distractions and procrastination.  Allowing life force energy to enter and push you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Pyrite -

Promotes happiness giving you the willpower and strength of mind needed to see problems for what they are and finding solutions to them.  Stimulating your mind while improving your memory.

Golden Obsidian -

Reveals the people and things that are no longer serving you and facilitates their release.  Helps you find your purpose in life and helps you to think methodically in pursuit of your goals allowing you to become the master of your destiny.


8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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