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Yellow Aventurine, Hematite and Rhodonite ~ Athena ~

Yellow Aventurine, Hematite and Rhodonite ~ Athena ~

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Yellow Aventurine -

Awakens your personal will, removing self expectations and societal outlooks.   Allowing a better understanding of others prospectives.  Enhancing your drive to find your place in the world and conveying your true self.

Hematite -

Protects you from other’s negativity by returning it to the sender.  Stimulates concentration and focus allowing you to be grounded to the present moment.  Attracts energy to help you reach your highest good.

Rhodonite -

Stone of the compassionate heart.  Balances your yin-yang energy while giving mental clarity and reducing anxiety.  Promotes self-love and worth helping you to achieve your highest potential.


8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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