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Arfvedsonite, Satin Spar and Larvikite ~ Hecate ~

Arfvedsonite, Satin Spar and Larvikite ~ Hecate ~

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Arfvedsonite -

Helps to calm your emotions to stay collected during tense situations.  Brings divine light into your body releasing negative thoughts and stored emotions.  Stimulating joy and positive thoughts.

Satin Spar -

Known as the lucky stone for its ability to bring luck to the wearer.  Boosts your personal growth by increasing mental awareness and clarity.  Can clear, cleanse and charge other crystals.

Larvikite -

Cleanses stuck and negative energy including karma.  Channels positive energy while repelling negative energy.  Enhances your will-power and inner strength


10 and 8mm Crystal Bracelet .

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