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Mookite Heart

Mookite Heart

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Mookite is a grounding stone that helps to ground yourself into your physical reality.  It boosts Life Force in the physical body and strengthens your willpower. Mookite encourages you to be open to change and new experiences, and awakens your instincts for determining the best course of action. Mookaite assists you in making decisions, especially when you are experiencing difficulty. It promotes adaptability and aids in the acceptance of the change. Mookaite helps you to grow emotionally by delving under the surface of your feelings. This aids in the discovery of underlying issues that may be causing emotional distress. The stone can help you achieve a stable and quiet state of mind, allowing you to evaluate and let go of bad experiences.It will instill confidence, enthusiasm, and a desire for new adventures and experiences from there.

1 3/4” h

2” w

1.9 oz 

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