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Mystic Merlinite Freeform

Mystic Merlinite Freeform

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Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) is known as a stone of transformation and manifestation.  Mystic Merlinite brings balance and harmony to you. It helps to counteract the effects of an excess in either Yin or Yang energy; and is excellent for blending spiritual with earthly energies and can be used to ground temperaments or to bring a sense of safety and security to anyone who is anxious or fearful.  It is a powerful energy cleanser and can bring to the fore any past traumas or shocks that may be impacting your present situation. It then gently disperses any blocked or stagnant energy from the auric field and provides support as you do the psychological work needed to free yourself from the effects of past experiences, instances of abuse, or negative patterns and behaviors.


Septarian (Dragon Stone) is a stone of patience, purpose and confidence. It is a shaman stone, helping us to find our true self and better understand the mysteries of this world. Septarian teaches you that the most sacred actions are those in which love and courage are linked. It enhances self confidence and brings courage to the heart. It helps to release any attachment to drama or ego. Instead we are to look for that calm place of balance deep within, and to live from that place. Septarian reminds us to align ourselves with Love and to forgive ourselves and others for any past offences. It helps to release any emotions that may feel “trapped” inside us and shines a light on the path leading to our own personal freedom.

3 1/4” h

2 1/2” w

9.7 oz 

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