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Open Dreamcatcher Cage Necklace

Open Dreamcatcher Cage Necklace

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Each cage comes with 5 stones. 

Rose Quartz- Stone of Unconditional Love

Promotes self-love and acceptance.  Helps to calm your mind and encourage acceptance to change.  Prevents nightmares.

Tigers Eye- The All Seeing Eye

Increases insight and perception while sharpening the senses. Encourages you to “step out of the box” to enhance growth and perspective.  Attracts luck and good fortune while protecting you from the negative intentions of others.

Amethyst - 

Stone of Protection and Purification.
Expands the higher mind and enhances creativity and passion. Helps to still the mind and removes any negative energy or attachments from the aura. Creates a protective shield of light around the body. Accelerates the development of intuition and psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli -

Promotes clarity, integrity and intuition.  Can help to fend off psychic attacks.  Helps you to confront and speak your truth while inspiring confidence and self appreciation.

Agate -

Cleans and balances your energy and aura. Improves concentration and mental abilities.   Helps to heal anger and stress while strengthening your relationships.

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