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Rainbow Obsidian Heart

Rainbow Obsidian Heart

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Rainbow Obsidian acts as a bridge between the dark and light places inside of you.  Rainbow Obsidian offers you guidance into those dark parts of yourself so that you can find and process any pain that is trapped there.  It also helps you to find the lost parts of yourself so you can heal and reclaim them.  Like all varieties of Obsidian, it is a stone of truth which shows us the true nature of reality.  But while regular Obsidian can reveal the truth harshly in a naked light, Rainbow Obsidian reveals the truth more gently so that you can easily process and understand it.  Rainbow Obsidian clears the aura and other energy fields of any stagnate or negative energy that has gotten trapped within.  Rainbow Obsidian can be used to attract a new romantic relationship.  It can also be used to cut emotional ties that link you to old romances. Rainbow Obsidian lifts away depression by helping focus your attention on the present moment and future opportunities, rather than dwelling on the past. Rainbow Obsidian can help you think logically and clearly about problems, especially complex emotional issues.  Rainbow Obsidian also helps you to get out of your head and start participating in life.  It encourages you to take pleasure in the world around you and to never miss an opportunity to celebrate good times.

2” h

2 1/4” w

4.5 oz 

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