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Aura Shield - Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Silver Obsidian

Aura Shield - Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Silver Obsidian

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Have you been feeling like most, if not all, of your day to day interactions leave you feeling mentally and physically drained? Having a hard time being able to think clearly and get a handle on your feelings and emotions?   It’s time to start protecting and cleansing your aura.  Auras are electromagnetic energy fields that surround all living beings. (Your aura works similar to the way the ozone layer works around the earth.). It is your first line of defense in protecting you from negative influences, vibrations and even illness.  When your aura is strong it acts like a shield to keep out all energy that doesn’t benefit you.  When your aura is weak or torn you become more susceptible to negative energy penetrating your energy field.  The more negative energy you absorb the more drained and out of balance you will feel.  This combination of Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, and Silver Obsidian is everything you need to get your aura cleansed and ready to shield you from all the negative vibrations you might come in contact with.  

Rainbow Moonstone - 

Helps to awaken and enhance your intuition and awareness while providing mental clarity.  Encourages openness to new beginnings while illuminating the best path for you to take.  Shields your aura from negative influences and vibrations.

Labradorite - Stone of Transformation 

Relieves stress and anxiety.  Cleanses and protects your aura from negative energies and influences. Attracts luck to you.  Assists you to access higher realms and dimensions.

Silver Obsidian - 

Protective stone that helps you to see the truth.  Shows you what you need within yourself to spiritually advance.  Wards off negativity and increases psychic abilities. Assists you in establishing boundaries with people who are possessive or demanding.  

8mm Crystal Bracelet 


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