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Keep Negativity Away - Golden Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Larvikite

Keep Negativity Away - Golden Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Larvikite

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Have you been finding yourself feeling and thinking more negatively than usual?  Do you sense a lot of negative and draining energy around you?  Are you constantly feeling like you have to shield and defend yourself around people in your day to day environments?  Even the most optimistic person will start to absorb and reflect negative energy if they are surrounded by it on a day to day basis.  Let this combination of golden obsidian, black tourmaline and larvikite help protect you from the negative vibrations of others and help you find the positive aspects in all situations.  

Golden Obsidian -

Dissolves negativity and protects your aura.  Balances your energetic field.  Protects you against mental manipulation.  Helps to reveal your inner truth. 

Black Tourmaline -

Dispels surrounding negative energies.  Inspires positivity.  Protects from electromagnetic energies. Powerful grounding stone. 

Larvikite -

Dispels any harmful or negative vibrations.  Opens your subconscious and gives a new clarity to your thoughts.  Excellent tool to assist with lucid dreaming.  Powerful grounding stone.


8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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