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Sodalite Point

Sodalite Point

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Sodalite is a stone for Seekers of Truth, and anyone who finds themselves on a Spiritual Journey. It encourages you to uphold your idealistic beliefs and to take action to bring that idealism into reality. However, if your beliefs harm others or ignore reality, Sodalite will gently peel away the layers from your eyes and allow you to see more clearly and compassionately. It gives you the support needed to be true to yourself and to accept both your Light and Shadow sides. Sodalite dissolves feelings of guilt or shame, whether they come from another person or from ourselves. It encourages emotional honesty allowing you to see the real reason behind your feelings and determine what is needed to do to move forward. Sodalite’s energy is soft and safe, so while it asks you to look at the absolute Truth in all things, it does so with a gentle nudge.


3.8 oz

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