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Water Droplet Charm

Water Droplet Charm

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Rose Quartz- Stone of Unconditional Love

Promotes self-love and acceptance.  Helps to calm your mind and encourage acceptance to change.  Prevents nightmares.

Ocean Jasper- Talisman of Patience

Helps you with releasing pent up anger and emotional blockages.  Encourages you to open your mind and gain new perspectives.  Enhances stability and security throughout your life while focusing on your unrealized potentials.

Clear Quartz - Master Healer Stone

Helps to give mental clarity and increases psychic abilities.  Can be programmed to act as any other type of crystal.  Amplifies the effects of your intentions and other crystals. 

Black Striped Agate -

Helps to strengthen connection between spiritual and earthly realms.  Provides prosperity and courage while reducing stress.  Balances your energy.

Red Agate -

Stone of strength.  Promotes safety, grounding and vitality.  Negative energy is kept away from the carrier of the healing stone or converted into positive energy.

Kambaba Jasper -

Promotes peace by calming the mind.  Eliminates negative energy while stabilizing the aura. It encourages happiness and activates the ability to attract prosperity and abundance to one’s life.


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