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Peaceful Sleep - Rose Quartz, Howlite and Iolite

Peaceful Sleep - Rose Quartz, Howlite and Iolite

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Do you find yourself having a hard time falling and staying asleep?  Whether it be from intrusive thoughts, nightmares, or anxiety; this combination of Rose Quartz, Howlite and Iolite can help give you a peaceful sleep.

Rose Quartz- Stone of Unconditional Love

Promotes self-love and acceptance.  Helps to calm your mind and encourage acceptance to change.  Prevents nightmares.

Howlite- Stone of Patience and Perspective

Promotes muscle relaxation and quiets the mind.  Helps to eliminate frustration and anger.  Beneficial for Insomnia. 

Iolite- Stone Of Psychic Visions and Insight

Promotes endurance and resolve while inspiring creativity.  Helps restore balance and perspective.  Induces peaceful and restful sleep. 

8mm Crystal Bracelet 

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